Fee Schedule


Stop Payment Fees $32 (consecutive range $70)
Overdraft Charge/NSF Return Check Charge $32
Extended Overdraft Fee $5 (accounts overdrawn for three consecutive business days will be assessed a $5 fee every third business day until account balance is positive)
Deposited Items Returned (except for endorsement) -Recleared 1st time $6
Returned Deposit Item -Chargeback $15
Overdraft Protection Transfer From Savings/LOC $5 per transfer
Night Deposit Bags First bag, no charge; additional bags, $25 each
Night Deposit Keys First key, no charge; additional keys, $10 each

Zippered Deposit Bag
Printed Check Orders Varies depending on style of check ordered
Pre-Encoded Counter Checks .50 cents per check
Telephone Transfers $3 each (in excess of three per month; FREE for transfers made via Online Banking or Simplicity Line)
Balance Inquiries $3 each (in excess of three per month; FREE with Online Banking or Simplicity Line)
Check/Image/Withdrawal requests $5 each
Account Activity Printout/Statement Request (no images) $3 each ($10 each with images)
Fax Back Statement (Simplicity Line) $2 per page
Processing fee for unapproved vendor checks $2 per check
Excess transaction fee (MMDA/Savings) $10 per item
Account Inactivity Fee $5 per month (Inactivity is defined as no deposits/withdrawals for 12 months for checking accounts and 36 months for savings and money market deposit accounts. )
Special Handling Fee (i.e. post restriction, lost checkbook, etc.) $35 per incident (14 day period)

Last updated February 15, 2016